"Pat’s infectious enthusiasm for tapestry making describes an activity that combines planned procedure with an immediate, intuitive activity of the hands, the actual weaving action akin to a form of drawing within established constraints. The process is rhythmical, meditative, seeing the artist work so closely to the loom as to risk falling into, if it were not for the awareness of how any underlying guide of a cartoon is always in negotiation with spontaneous mark-making.

Pat has worked at West Dean for over 30 years, both in the Professional Tapestry Studio and as Programme Leader of the MA Visual Arts Programmes.  Pat’s involvement with West Dean’s Professional Tapestry Studio included commissioned projects, such as for Portcullis House in Westminster, as well as collaborations with prominent artists, Henry Moore, John Piper, Howard Hodgkin and John Aitken.

Since 2012 Pat has been working exclusively on her own practice using identity as a starting point, looking at our discontinuous and constructed histories and how they are expressed in the landscape of the face. The work is accessible, it touches 'everyman', and its hinterland lies in recognising the veneer of civilisation and the heart of darkness deep within what is to be human.                        


    2012                 Practising Artist

    1996-2010       Director, West Dean Tapestry Studio 

    Teaching, Lecturing and External Examining

    2010-2012       Head Of Visual Arts, West College MFA/MA/Postgraduate   Diplomas(validated by University of Sussex)

    1996-2010       Head of Tapestry, Postgraduate Diploma in Tapestry Weaving, West College (validated by University of Sussex)

    1993- 1997      External Examiner, Textile, Fashion and Decorative Arts, Middlesex University

    1988-1996       Course Tutor, One Year Diploma Course in Tapestry Weaving, West Dean College