Portrait of a Man

Work shown at Collect 2008

"This large scale portrait using the medieval Gobelin tapestry weaving technique has an arresting presence. Aboriginal tells a story from the mere mention of its name, through to the many layers of the tapestry’s texture. This is not just a portrait of a person defined merely by his gender and his ethnicity.  Its size and startling use of three colours is impactful and telling.  The three columns of colour that the portrait straddles suggests many readings from the straightforward, nothing is simply black and white, to notions of Australia’s miscegenation policy. Most importantly it captures a life at the turn of the 20th century, fleeting yet palpable."   

                               Ellen Cheshire 2008

Size:1.11 x 1.14m

Material:Cotton warp, worsted weft

Details of Tapestry