The second design gave the opportunity to create a complimentary image with more austere forms of format, limited palette, numbers and silhouetted people. The vertical network of numbers, which is formed from key dates, in the lower part of the tapestry, is reminiscent of the pin-stripped suit. Key enfranchising dates:

   1832 The Great Reform Act             1867 The 2nd Reform Act 

   1918 Women over 30 enfranchised    1928 All women enfranchised

   1968 Extension to 18 year olds

The upper portion of the tapestry depicts the great British public.

Size: 5.4m x 1.4m

Client: The Palace of Westminster

Location: Portcullis House, London

Architects: Michael Hopkins and Partners 

Commission: Woven for West Dean Tapestry Studio        


Pat with the weavers             Design                     Letter                Pat talking to William Hague