Title: Boris

“Pat explores familiar political portraits, considering their familiarity, yet knowing nothing of the person. Using colour and form she provokes both familiarity and estrangement in the same space.

In ‘Boris’ the endeavour has been to abstract, caricature and isolate, and so to stimulate a virtual Boris. A fine example of traditional tapestry weaving, this very contemporary and instantly recognisable image is defined by strong colours and emphatic line. However the line that separates figure from ground can be found in the Sheldon tapestries of c. 1610 and on closer inspection the apparently monochromatic areas of the face reveal skilful subtleties of tone and colour, demonstrating the use of fine hatching from the historical language to tapestry weaving.

This is not just a clever instant graphic image but a more thoughtful exploration of something much deeper.”

                                                      Fiona Mathison, , Juror, Cordis/ Fly, 2016

Dimensions: 30 x 40 cms